Press Release
January 19, 2013

Legarda spends big on schools

Believing that upgrading the quality of Philippine education is a good investment for the country, Senator Loren Legarda has allocated a significant amount of her Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to the construction and rehabilitation of classrooms and school buildings.

From 2010-2012, Legarda allocated a total of 146 million pesos for the construction and rehabilitation of 291 classrooms and school buildings in various parts of the country.

"Placing high priority on education will be one of the best investments we can make. Aside from legislation, allocating significant portion of my PDAF to building classrooms and schools is one way to help upgrade the country's education system," she stressed.

"I am fully supportive of the highly motivated attitude with which the administration is addressing the backlog in classrooms. The government aims to achieve zero backlog in classrooms by 2013. This, along with the other reforms in our education system, will help us ensure a better-educated Filipino youth," she said.

Ensuring good quality education that is accessible especially to indigent Filipino youth has long been part of Legarda's advocacies. She established the Libro ni Loren Foundation, which provides scholarship to poor but deserving children and helps improve the literacy level in the poorest provinces through its Book Donation Program where textbooks, dictionaries and other reading materials are donated to public libraries nationwide.

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