Press Release
January 27, 2013

Legarda: Senate should focus on Filipinos' pressing needs

Senator Loren Legarda today enjoined her fellow senators who have been engaged in heated arguments to settle their differences and stressed that the Senate should be a solid institution that is focused on addressing the more important and pressing needs of the country.

Legarda also reiterated her support to Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

"I continue to support Senate President Enrile as many other senators do. I believe in his wisdom and capability, and the Senate as a body has accomplished much under his leadership," she said.

"What is happening in the Senate for the past days and weeks is unfortunate and has caused divisiveness. We should immediately agree on how to resolve the issues without having to set aside what we must do for our people. The Senate has to take the path of healing so that it can focus again on helping our wounded people--those who have been affected by recent disasters, especially in Mindanao; those whose crops and livelihood are affected by the cold weather, particularly in Northern Luzon; those who need support to gain better opportunities, especially in the rural areas. Filipinos need their senators as public servants, as legislators who must focus on crafting laws that would uplift their lives and push for policies that would foster unity," Legarda stressed.

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