Press Release
January 29, 2013

Senate approves resolution to establish UNESCO
Learning Center for Sustainable Development

The Senate today approved a resolution concurring in the ratification of the agreement between the Philippine government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) concerning the establishment of a South-East Asian Center for Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development (SEA-CLLSD) in the country.

"Senate Resolution 898 or the establishment of the SEA-CLLSD seeks to develop and provide appropriate learning programs, which aim to benefit the marginalized, the disadvantaged, and the underserved members of the population, including our indigenous peoples, our out-of-school youths and our non-literate adults as it envisions to create an educational framework that works for sustainable development," Sen. Loren Legarda, chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, said.

According to the agreement, the SEA-CLLSD will become a service provider, standard setter, research and resource management center in the field of lifelong learning for sustainable development in the South East Asian region by undertaking capacity building and training to re-orient existing education programs towards sustainable development, conducting research to improve the quality of basic education, and carrying out advocacy and social mobilization to develop public awareness and understanding of the important role of education as a tool to promote sustainable development.

"It will provide the Philippines with the opportunity for technical exchanges, collaboration and cooperation with our immediate neighbors in the field of lifelong education for sustainability. We will not only gain knowledge; we will also grow closer to our Southeast Asian neighbors," Legarda said.

"We will be able to share, compare, and learn from one another's practices and experiences. Through this, we can expect to continuously renew, improve and innovate on our learning and educational systems to serve the higher goals of social development and sustainability," she added.

Under the agreement, the government will allocate P50 million to SEA-CLLSD and an additional P2.5 million annually for its operation and administrative expenses. With the establishment of the SEA-CLLSD, Legarda said, "we may prove to the world that the Philippines has the capability to become an educational hub for lifelong learning for sustainable development in South East Asia." (APPLE BUENAVENTURA, PRIB)

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