Press Release
January 30, 2013

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senator Franklin M. Drilon

On Mar Roxas as LP candidate for 2016

Mar has...I do not know exactly, what is in his mind... I assume he has not decided because he wants to concentrate of his job in the DILG and does not want his decisions to be influenced by 2016 at this point. In fact, Senator's Mar position when he said it came as a surprised to him and it is not in his mind. Insofar as the LP is concerned and insofar as I am concerned, I believe he is the most qualified now. This senatorial election is just a preparation to 2016. Alam naman namin na ang UNA ay talagang naghahanda sa 2016 at ang balak nilang gawin ay magiging lame duck na itong administrasyon ni Pangulong Noynoy. Ang Pangulo, sinasabi niya: ito ang mga kasama niya ang Team PNoy. Ang wala rito sa Team PNoy hindi niya kasama. Sabi nga sa ads, mag-ingat doon sa hindi tunay na kasama sa matuwid na daan.

On campaign strategy

Basically, media will play a critical role in the campaign.

On common candidates

Sa amin, sina Senator Chiz, Senator Loren at Grace, sila po ay kandidato ng administrasyon. In-adopt sila ng UNA, we cannot prevent that, but they are the candidates of the administration.

On Senate being unmanageable

Yeah, dahilan sa alaht dito, there are 23 republics in the Senate. There is no party discipline. Even administration measures are opposed by a certain number of the majority kaya ang hirap.

On 2012 GDP growth

It is indeed impressive. The 6.5%, I suspect, economic growth for 2012 is a very impressive growth given the environment that it has achieved, given the recession in the U.S., and given the difficulties in the economy in Europe particularly Portugal, Spain. This is a growth that we can be proud of.

My information is 6.5% and it is for the whole year, I could be wrong.

Paano nakuha? Basically it is on good governance, fiscal discipline that this administration has followed as a path. That is why we are saying that the President's advocacy is good governance. Principally, this is the anchor on which this economic progress is achieved.

Well, there are two ways to look at it: either underspending or fiscal discipline. The year 1 of this administration was devoted to instituting reforms that is why the infrastructure spending had to be withheld in order to institute the reforms needed. The second year now you will see the results of these reforms.

Q: If we are to sustain this growth, is it necessary that we fill the Congress with the administration candidates? The President has asked that those in the Senate should be in support of his programs. If our people are convinced that the programs of the President are working, then we shall vote for the President's choice.

My point Team PNoy must be committed to PNoy's program as they are committed that all legislations geared toward these programs should be supported.

Q: Strategy n'yo ba iyon na maaga kayong nag-announce? Tinanong lang ako.

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