Press Release
February 5, 2013


I JOIN Filipinos in celebrating the Supreme Court decision to indefinitely extend the TRO on the implementation of RA10175, otherwise known as Cyber-Dracula.

First, the Supreme Court puts Cyber-Dracula to sleep in its tomb with a TRO that ends on February 6th. But before Cyber-Dracula is mortally impaled with the stake of reason of petitioners, the Supreme Court causes it to slip into endless coma. The Filipino people are left to pulling the plug on Cyber-Dracula's life on its own sweet time.

Even with this conditional victory, petitioners against RA10175 must be congratulated for standing up for the people's rights. Our thanks also go to Filipino netizens who consistently waged a good fight against RA10175, online and offline.

We all vow to continue the militancy not only against RA10175 but any threat to freedom.

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