Press Release
February 8, 2013


Senator Alan Peter Cayetano said today that the increase in crime rates cannot be solely blamed on the Philippine National Police but must instead be attributed to poverty and a high unemployment rate.

Cayetano put the issue into perspective as the PNP gets the heat for the increase in crime rates in the country.

"The main cause of crime is poverty, because people have nothing to eat, no jobs or low wages amidst high prices. And reports show that criminals commit their crimes not for themselves but to be able to feed their families," Cayetano explained. "So we cannot entirely blame the increase in crime rates on our police."

Cayetano challenged the administration to increase jobs as a solution to decreasing crime rates. "Government needs to intervene and generate more jobs both for opportunities for employment and for our entrepreneurs," Cayetano said. "A lot of Filipinos are good in business but they do not have the capital. Others have skills but can't find jobs. So they resort to the commission of crimes."

Cayetano argued that if Filipinos feel a sense of opportunity, there will be prosperity and ultimately a significant decrease if not the eradication of crime in the country.

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