Press Release
February 12, 2013

Legarda's Brand of Service: Work with Compassion

As the campaign season officially starts today, Senator Loren Legarda bared her plans should she win another term in the Senate, stressing that she will continue to provide the kind of service she has been known for--work with compassion.

"Education, health care, improvement of working conditions of our Filipino workers, and safer and disaster-resilient communities--these are what I plan to prioritize if given another term as a senator. I would like to continue to provide for the needs of all Filipinos while still giving due focus to equally important issues such as environmental protection and cultural preservation," said Legarda.

"I have been known for my hard work but I always do it with compassion. I have eagerly worked for the Universal Healthcare Coverage Bill, which we hope to be enacted soon, but I will continue to monitor and ensure that all our citizens especially the poorest will have access to free healthcare services."

"While improvements in our education system is underway, we will work for the expansion of college scholarship programs for many more indigent but deserving Filipino youth."

"The continuous improvement of the working conditions of Filipino workers here and abroad is another priority. I am certain to file a bill that will increase and standardize the hazard pay of our uniformed personnel and also pursue other measures that will benefit other workers."

Legarda said she will also continue to bring the information and education campaign on disaster preparedness to more communities by conducting disaster risk reduction workshops to the 42,000 barangays in the country.

"I will continue to advocate for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction until each and every community in the country is safe from the dangers brought by extreme weather events."

"I am proud to have made laws and pushed for advocacies that has helped and will help our people. Work with compassion, this is my brand of service for the Filipino people. I am hopeful for a new term, which I will use for all the work that still needs to be done for the citizens and for our country," Legarda concluded.

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