Press Release
February 21, 2013


While admitting that the decision of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) to drop him from its senatorial slate was a big loss, Sen. Chiz Escudero maintained that the elections in May are not about coalitions and campaign rallies.

"While I consider UNA's decision removing me from their senatorial slate a big loss, I maintain that the elections in May are more about issues and platforms rather than parties and coalitions," Escudero said.

"These elections were never about adoption or parties and coalitions. They are about issues and change. And that is what we have been focusing on since Day One," he said.

Escudero maintained he harbored no ill will towards UNA and its leaders after its decision.

"I respect their decision. After all, who are we to ask for more if that is all they are willing to give?" he said. "Malaking kawalan man, babang loob kong tinatanggap and kanilang desisyon (Although a big loss, I humbly accept their decision)."

"The elections are not about what rallies I should or not join but rather about issues and platforms, pure intentions and commitment to principles. It is sad that they have focused on rallies as an issue for this campaign," Escudero said.

Escudero said that while he will remain an independent candidate, he will now be joining most of the campaign hops of Team PNoy after the UNA decision. "Sanay naman po kami bilang independent candidate na kung ano lang ang tulong na ibibigay na bukal sa kalooban ng sinumang nais tumulong, s'ya ring tatanggapin namin. Wala kami sa lugar na magbigay ng anumang kondisyon o humiling ng sosobra pa sa kaya at gusto nilang ibigay. (We are used to being independent candidates and accept all the sincere help offered to us. We are not in any position to impose conditions or ask for anything more than what was offered.)", Escudero said.

UNA spokesman Rep. Toby Tiangco announced that UNA was closing its doors to its three guest candidates after they failed to join any of the coalition's campaign rallies and sorties thus far.

Escudero said he had constant dialogues with the UNA leadership over his situation as an independent candidate and his relationship with UNA was smooth until some coalition members started to inject intrigues over their absence at UNA's proclamation rally in Cebu City.

"I do not know where those statements that sought to drive a wedge between me and UNA were coming from, but these were repeated on and on," Escudero said.

"I chose not to reply to these intrigues being sown against me and I was hoping that the time would not come when I will be forced to answer these unfair allegations," he disclosed.

Escudero said it was UNA that offered to help his candidacy and that he does not have any right to make any demands or ask for something that the coalition chose not to give. He said that as an independent candidate, he welcomes all the help from political groups that he can get.

"It is not up to me to decline guest affiliation, nor it is for me to issue conditions on those who offer to help my candidacy now or in my past campaigns," Escudero added.

Escudero filed his certificate of candidacy as an independent candidate for senator last year and has been without any political party since he left the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC) in 2009.

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