Press Release
March 23, 2013

Legarda Brings LOREN sa Bawat Barangay to LuzViMinda

In the first week of the launch of her new program, reelectionist Senator Loren Legarda has already brought her LOREN sa Bawat Barangay to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

"We have already brought LOREN sa Bawat Barangay to Baguio City, Butuan City and Mandaue City in the first three days of launching the program. My aim is to bring it to more areas in the country so that our citizens will be informed about the livelihood and employment opportunities available to them," said Legarda.

LOREN, which means Livelihood Opportunities to Raise Employment Nationwide, is a consultation with various sectors of society and concerned local government agencies on how to create more employment and entrepreneurship opportunities through various related laws--the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) Act, the Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), the Barangay Kabuhayan Act, and the Agri-Agra Reform Credit Act, which were all authored by Legarda.

"Our laws will only be effective if they are implemented well and implementation includes information and education campaign. Not everyone is aware of these laws on livelihood and employment, and LOREN sa Bawat Barangay aims to inform our citizens that we have these laws that can help them get employed and have better income," she explained.

"This program also aims to strengthen employment creation, facilitation, and enhancement, which must all be embedded as part of local governance," Legarda concluded.

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