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March 25, 2013

Cayetano stresses love for elders in Bicol

"Love for our elders - I consider this as one of the greatest Pinoy values."

Senator Alan Cayetano shared this as he and wife Lani Cayetano spent their 9th wedding anniversary over the weekend in Tiwi, Albay with Estelita Campo Clarino - Lani's 86-year-old grandmother fondly called Lola Telet.

As part of their anniversary celebration, the couple visited the DJC Restaurant - an establishment built by Lola Telet herself. "This restaurant's halo-halo is our favorite. You know through taste alone that it's made with love. How can we not pay tribute to this?" Cayetano proudly shared.

This moved Cayetano to reiterate his call for the government to increase the access of senior citizens to proper benefits such as proper health care.

Cayetano gave the example of how the benefits afforded by the Senior Citizens Law, well-written as it may be, are not felt in the regions.

Cayetano has long been known for his special spot for the elderly. He authored Senate Bill 2352 that seeks wider coverage of government assistance to elderly citizens through health and medical care as there are more families that can no longer afford to shoulder medicines and hospitalization of elder people

According to Cayetano, the risk of elder maltreatment tends to be higher in the country due to lack of government funds to pay for the care and medical needs of the elderly, most of them may now be suffering chronic illnesses such as hypertension, asthma and diabetes.

Cayetano is currently conducting a Listening Tour as part of his platform addressing issues related to PTK: Presyo, Trabaho, Kita.

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