Press Release
April 24, 2013


Claims of probable massive cheating in Mindanao is a mind-conditioning tactic of the opposition to save face in anticipation of their impending 'landscape' defeat in next month's elections, according to Team PNoy campaign manager Sen. Franklin M. Drilon.

"To us, this is mind-conditioning in anticipation of their impending 'landscape' defeat," Drilon said in a press briefing at the Team PNoy headquarters in Makati City.

'Landscape' is a so-called 'eraption' (joke) attributed to former President Joseph Estrada, an UNA stalwart, when claiming a landslide victory.

Drilon nevertheless called on the people to be vigilant in averting poll fraud and thwarting the will of the electorate.

"Whether it comes from the opposition or the administration candidates, or any quarter for that matter, we call on the people to be vigilant against cheating," Drilon said.

The Team PNoy campaign manager took exception to UNA claims that the administration coalition will initiate poll fraud in Mindanao in the wake of the power crisis now gripping the region. "Electoral reform is a major pillar of this administration. So there is absolutely no basis for this claim of UNA," Drilon explained.

He pointed out that only Team PNoy has the face of electoral reform in the person of its candidate, Sen. Aquilino 'Koko' Pimentel, who himself was a victim of electoral fraud.

Pimentel, known for practicing principled politics, has established the Kontra Pandaraya movement to ensure that every Filipino will be protected from all forms of cheating and corruption.

Even after winning his historic election protest against former Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri, Pimentel continued to fight for clean, honest and credible elections as Chairman of the Committee on electoral reforms and People's participation and of the select Oversight Committee on Suffrage.

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