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May 3, 2013

Pangasinan farmers and fishermen endorse Cayetano
Cayetano vows to be at forefront of ending rice smuggling

Engineer Rosendo So of the Abono Partylist today endorsed Senator Alan Cayetano before various groups of farmers and fishermen saying that with Cayetano the issue of rice smuggling that hinders the growth of the agricultural industry would be addressed.

Cayetano was warmly received by around a thousand farmers, fishermen and other members of the agricultural community, including those from the Abono Partylist, the Pangasinan Federation of Irrigators Association, the Integrated Fisheries Aquatic Resources Management Council (IFARMC), and the Pangasinan Municipality Fisheries Council.

But Cayetano said that he cannot fight to end smuggling in order to increase the incomes of farmers alone and encouraged Pangasinenses to get out to vote and to vote wisely. "Choose the candidate who will fight for your interests and the interests of all Filipinos. Choose the candidate who will fight for your cause."

The senator took the last leg of his Listening Tour to the Balikbayan Hall in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan specifically to give full support to the members of the area's agricultural sector.

"This is one of the last stops of my Listening Tour pero bumalik alo dahil gusto ko talagang marinig, maintidihan at maisapuso ang mga isyu ng mga Pangasinense. l am here to listen to your needs so that I'll know what causes to prioritize in the Senate," Cayetano explained as he agreed with the cry of the agricultural sector for increased farm to market roads and irrigation. "Ultimately our end goal is to achieve the promotion of the agricultural industry to strengthen our economy and achieve lower prices, more jobs, and higher pay."

Cayetano said that the causes of the people of Pangisanan are especially close to his heart given that his great grandfather on the Cayetano side hails from the province. "We have never forgotten the people of Pangasinan. You can be sure I will exert all efforts to find programs to help Pangasinan farmers and fisherfolk achieve lower prices, more jobs, and higher pay "

Cayetano has already visited Pangasinan twice before as part of his Listening Tour. In his last stops in Pangisanan, he was able to talk to the fisherfolk and members of the transport sector of Dagupan City.

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