Press Release
May 8, 2013


Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan believes that a more effective use of the Commission on Election's (COMELEC) time and resources would be to pursue, prosecute, and punish vote-buyers instead of trying to push for its newly mandated "cash ban."

"Rather than limiting bank withdrawals for all depositors, which is fraught with complications and extremely difficult to implement, it would be simpler to cause the immediate arrest of those engaged in the practice of vote-buying, which happens in broad daylight anyway. The COMELEC should likewise cause the filing of criminal and administrative charges and the disqualification of vote-buying politicians before election day. It is a more effective way of putting an end to this practice."

The lawmaker continues, "We have received reports in various parts of the country that vote-buying is now taking place. If only the COMELEC disqualified candidates linked to vote-buying early on, then politicians would think twice before attempting to buy votes. Ensuring the sanctity of the ballot is most basic and most fundamental in safeguarding our democracy."

"As such, the swift disposition of disqualification cases of electoral fraud prior to election day is paramount. No politician has ever been disqualified before election day because of vote-buying, and this is the reason why it goes on unabated. If the COMELEC has failed to go after rampant vote-buying by disqualifying candidates committing these election offenses right under their noses, I wonder how they can effectively implement this cash ban."

"The last thing a politico wants is to have a disqualification case filed against him during the campaign. It can be likened to a death penalty sentence of sorts," the two-term senator adds. "If it wants to deal a death blow to vote-buying, the COMELEC should not hesitate to use this power to disqualify erring candidates during the campaign period. If it can disqualify nuisance candidates, all the more candidates making a mockery of our election laws."

"Kailangan may masampolan, ika nga," Pangilinan reiterates."

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