Press Release
May 9, 2013

Miriam give rousing endorsement of Cayetano

In a press conference organized at her home today, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago gave a rousing endorsement of the reelection bid of Senator Alan Cayetano.

The lady senator detailed how Cayetano's extensive experience in government as one of the youngest public servants makes him a perfect candidate to attend to every Filipino family's most pressing concerns. "He knows how to run the country so that everyone's needs are listened to and attended to," she said.

Senator Defensor-Santiago also said how his early exposure to the world of politics at the tender age of 13 by his father, former Senator Rene Cayetano's side enabled him to achieve many stellar accomplishments in public service. "He became the youngest Councilor in the entire country, the youngest Vice Mayor, the youngest Congressman, the youngest Senate Minority Leader, the youngest candidate for Senate President and the youngest Chairman of the powerful Blue Ribbon Committee. He did all this so well that he was hailed given the prestigious The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award for Public Service," she said.

"He is very highly qualified and I hope we will return him to the Senate," she concluded.

For his part, Cayetano welcomed the endorsement saying that he was humbled to be given a vote of confidence by one of the country's leading public servants. "I value her endorsement. But more than that I value her respect," he said.

Cayetano vowed to act on the needs and concerns of every Filipino family that he heard during his Listening Tour. "Senator Miriam's endorsement will not go to waste. I will fight to make sure that every Filipino's PTK concerns are addressed. High prices, lack of jobs, low wages will soon be a thing of the past," he said.

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