Press Release
May 13, 2013


Re-electionist Senator Chiz Escudero praised teachers, poll workers, and volunteers for the organized conduct of the 2013 midterm elections.

He also vowed to review the electoral process and push for reforms in the new Congress should there be a need to further improve the process.

Despite reports of glitches in some voting centers, Escudero said the conduct of the polls has been generally peaceful and orderly.

"Isang taus-pusong pasasalamat sa mga guro, sa mga election workers, at sa lahat ng volunteers na nagtrabaho upang magkaroon ng isang maayos at mapayapang halalan (A heartfelt thanks to the teachers, election workers and volunteers who worked hard for a peaceful and organized election)," Escudero said.

He said that while Monday's polls are far from perfect, the dedication and commitment of poll workers overshadow the problems encountered in some voting centers around the country.

"We must give credit where credit is due. Manning more than 30,000 voting centers in the country to accommodate around 50 million voters and overseeing the voting process is daunting work, but our teachers, poll workers and volunteers have pulled it off once again," Escudero said.

Even then, the re-electionist senator said there is still room to improve the electoral system, including the administrative and manpower aspects of the system.

"There are areas that I will look into and review to see how we can further improve the electoral system, not only on the technical side such as the voting machines but more importantly, on the administrative side such as the working conditions of the men and women who make the system work," Escudero said.

Earlier, he pushed for the provision of full insurance coverage on teachers on top of the hazard pay they should be getting on Election Day, particularly those rendering poll services on election hotspots.

"Teachers are the most overworked among public servants, having to cope with the tremendous task of educating the youth while at the same time risking life and limb during the entire process on election day that extends way beyond normal working hours and it is incumbent for the government to provide them with security coverage to repay them for their hard work," Escudero said.

He said the insurance coverage for teachers and poll workers should be enshrined in a law to make it permanent.

He vowed to file a counterpart Senate bill for a House measure that sought to extend insurance coverage on teachers and other government workers in case of death and injury while on poll duty.

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