Press Release
May 21, 2013


"Is this MARtial law? Panahon na ba ng Mar Roxas Law?"

"I cannot understand Secretary Roxas' obsession with me and my family. He claims not to take things personally, but his actions show otherwise."

"According to our information, the police who surrounded our home applied to at least three (3) judges for search warrants to search our home, but all of them denied the application. Does the good Secretary, who is not even a lawyer, mean to say that all judges were wrong and that only he and his police are right?"

"Lahat mali, siya lang ang tama? I don't think so."

"If the PNP and the DILG have questions about the legitimacy of the NBI operations and operatives, they should settle their qualms with the NBI, not with me. I have nothing to do with the composition of the NBI Team that was dispatched to our aid after being continuously harassed by the PNP. All I know is that we sought the official assistance of the NBI, and the NBI responded to our request."

"The good Secretary also said he was on top of the situation and that the PNP operations against our family were legitimate and sanctioned by him. Mabuti at sinabi niya iyon para malinaw kung sino ang magiging accountable sa mga abuso ng PNP sa Cavite."

"Remember, the PNP operations carried out by the same police unit, which resulted to the Atimonan Massacre early this year, was also claimed by authorities to be 'legitimate'. Only when strong and stark evidence showing otherwise came out, that authorities made a turnaround. Sa dami ng ebidensiya na ilalabas namin sa tamang panahon, sigurado akong may kakain ng salita."

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