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May 23, 2013


Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III has lauded the signing of Republic Act 10557, otherwise known as the National Design Policy Law, which he is the principal author in the senate.

Highlighting the significance of design in the country's economic development, Sen. Guingona explained that the government can utilize and harness design not only to produce innovative Filipino products, but also to create solutions for social problems.

"The term 'design' does not refer to mere aesthetics. Ultimately, in this modern world, design is a problem-solving tool that is geared towards improving the quality of human life," he added.

The new law enforces the policy of the State to enhance the competitiveness and innovation of Philippine products, and create market-responsive design services, while advocating for economic and environmental sustainability.

R.A. 10557 equally promotes the adaptation of design principles, such as creativity, efficiency, user-centeredness, and sustainability in government processes and public programs.

Sen. Guingona believes that by harnessing the user-centered principles of design, we can be able to make the government's delivery of public services more efficient, effective, and relevant to the citizens' needs.

The senator originally authored Senate Bill No. 2131 to propose for a Design Council of the Philippines formulated to guide our design and creative industries on the road to making the Philippines the "design hub" of Asia.

The new law signed by President Benigno S. Aquino III on May 15, 2013, will designate the Design Center of the Philippines to formulate a National Design Policy, which shall serve as an integrated, forward-thinking and long-range strategy for design in the Philippines.

The key goals of the said Policy would be: to expand the design culture nationwide; to propagate design as problem-solving; to boost competitiveness of the Filipino Design Industry; and to build a strong National Identity.

The newly-signed measure likewise provides the venue for government to promote the economy and society driven by creativity, design and innovation that are responsive to our modern and challenging times, while taking into consideration the Filipino culture and identity.

"Naniniwala ako sa pagkamalikhain ng mga Pilipino. And I think we have what it takes to go above and beyond just beautiful and well-crafted souvenirs, handicrafts and trinkets. We're ready to compete on an entirely different plane. Filipinos are not only creative, but we can be innovative as well. With this law, the government is putting its support behind our designers, so that they can innovate and create things the world has never seen before," Sen. Guingona said.

Expressing great hope for his desired vision of making the Philippines the "design hub of Asia", Sen. Guingona is committed to ensuring that the goals of this law will be achieved for the benefit of the entire nation.

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