Press Release
June 6, 2013


Eight out of the 45 bills filed by Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III in his three years in office were signed into law by President Benigno S. Aquino III.

Since setting foot in the halls of the Senate in 2010, Sen. Guingona have introduced 45 bills, 40 resolutions, led four front-paging investigations of corruption among the high and mighty. In three years, eight laws under his authorship were passed.

"I hope to be held accountable according to the collective weight of my legislative and Blue Ribbon work: to be evaluated not according to the number of steps made but according to the impact of efforts made to the lives of the Filipino people," Sen. Guingona said.

"The numerous bills and resolutions that I have filed, the speeches I have pronounced, the investigations that I have led, the fights fought, and the laws that sprung from them are nothing but sparks that will hopefully trigger, in the minds of the Filipino people, a prairie fire of peace, justice, progress, empowerment and democracy," he added.

These landmark laws authored by Sen. Guingona are the following:

1. Republic Act 10368, Marcos Compensation Act
2. RA 10557, Philippine National Design Competitiveness Act
3. RA 10556, Araw ng Pagbasa
4. RA 10391, Amending the PTV 4 Charter Act
5. RA 10156, Sangguniang Bayan Eligibility Act
6. RA 10168, Anti-Terrorist Financing Act
7. RA 10367, Amendment to Anti-Money Laundering Act (allowing ex-parte inquiries into bank accounts)
8. RA 10365, Amendment to Anti-Money Laundering Act (expansion of the definition of money laundering, expanded list of covered persons and predicate crimes)

He also led the Blue Ribbon investigations on the plea bargaining agreement, second-hand helicopters sold to the Philippine National Police, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Fund Scam, and the Malampaya Fund Scam to name a few.

Despite having passed 8 landmark laws and investigated a number of controversial issues, Sen. Guingona said that numbers don't really matter because the weight of the legislation's content and its impact on Filipinos is what really counts the most.

"In the struggle of the people for peace and justice, democracy, and empowerment, which I steadfastly flagged in the Senate arena, sheer numbers don't really matter. The value of our legislative endeavor is found in the collective weight of its content, the impact of its direction," he said.

He was also the only senator who voted against the controversial RA 10175, otherwise known as the "Cybercrime Prevention Act."

Quoting the great Mahatma Gandhi, Sen. Guingona said: "It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity."

"In sum, I have devoted the first three years of my incumbency as Senator in giving substance to democracy and its institutions. I hope it strengthens the people's resolve to further the struggle for their rights, their dreams," Sen. Guingona said.

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