Press Release
June 28, 2013

Cayetano calls for programs to help reduce prices,
create jobs, and increase wages in Ifugao

"In a civilized nation, life should be more important than profit or money."

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano pushed for more opportunities in three key areas for the people of Ifugao as he swore Ifugao governor-elect Denis Habawel into office today.

Cayetano pledged to help strengthen the provincial government's thrusts in education, health and livelihood as he explained that his commitments are part of his PTK (Presyo, Trabaho, Kita) legislative agenda for the 16th Congress aimed at battling the problems of high prices, lack of jobs, and low income plaguing the country.

On education, Cayetano stressed that the best educational system must be provided to every Filipino no matter how far they are from the country's capital.

Part of the senator's commitments is the provision of financial support to fifty deserving students every semester. He also guaranteed full scholarships for five selected students that will cover lodging and other expenses until 2020.

"The youth of the Ifugao province should aspire to be just like Governor-Elect Habawel who was given an opportunity to get the best education and a successful career in the city but went back to Ifugao to give back the opportunity given to him years ago. We should work together to achieve the same goal, to bring more opportunities, and better education and healthcare to the people of Ifugao," he said.

On health, Cayeteno reiterated his promise to provide the province's families easy access to the best health care through regular medical missions and the delivery of healthcare equipment .

"Here in Ifugao, we may not have the urban development like in Makati or Taguig, but together, we can commit to provide the best healthcare to the people of Ifugao. The governor and I commit ourselves to work towards that objective," he said.

On livelihood, Cayetano committed to help create more livelihood opportunities for the people of Ifugao and to help promote the province and its products.

Cayetano has proposed that his project, dubbed "Anti-5-6", be implemented in the region in order to grant entrepreneurs easy access to capital to those who would like to start their own businesses or keep existing ones afloat.

He also suggested that efforts be made to possibly bring the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry to Ifugao to take advantage of the language proficiency in the region.

Cayetano encouraged the people of Ifugao to dream of a better life for themselves and the entire country by actively taking part in the government's nation building.

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