Press Release
July 21, 2013


The proposed measure aims to enhance transparency in government processes

Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona has filed Senate Bill No. 76 amending RA No. 9184, or the Government Procurement Reform Act, expanding the list of offenses that can be committed under the said act.

"The amendments to the Government Procurement Reform Act are to ensure that the procurement process will not be used as a means for corruption. We have seen numerous times wherein the government was duped into bogus deals just because there aren't enough safeguards to protect us from unscrupulous elements. We are therefore seeking to cover all bases, so to speak, with this bill," Sen. Guingona said.

Under SBN 76, recommending, approving, and/or awarding a contract to a bidder that is not legally, and/or financially capable will now be punishable. Other acts that will be punishable are : approving and/or accepting goods, products, and/or services different from those approved by the appropriate procurement committees, and/ or those indicated in the supply contract, and for no lawful cause, changing or causing the change of specifications and/or other technical requirements to favor a particular supplier.

The Good Governance senator said the bill was crafted as a direct result of the investigations of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, which he chaired in the 15th Congress, on the Philippine National Police's anomalous helicopter deal.

"We need to send out a strong message that the government will no longer tolerate shady deals and transactions where public funds are concerned. It is our aim that through this bill, government transactions will be entered into with full trust between parties involved," he noted.

Sen. Guingona added that the Aquino government is steadfastly implementing a transparent procurement policy. This bill if passed into law will enhance the government's thrust to deter unlawful supply of government contracts to unscrupulous elements.

"This is part of the Aquino government's thrust of Pagtahak sa Daang Matuwid. We want to deter corruption and promote transparency and accountability in the procurement transactions of the government. We want that public funds are spent wisely and will go directly to intended programs and projects of the government," he said.

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