Press Release
July 22, 2013


My dear colleagues, ladies and gentleman.

The person I have the honor of nominating today as our Senate President Pro Tempore may be a young 49 years of age. But don't let his youthful looks deceive you.

He was already in Congress 21 years ago, in 1992, in that pre-cellphone age when I, the two Sonnys, JV, Alan, Nancy were still college and Bam was still in high school.

Through three terms in the Bigger House and two terms here , he has earned the reputation as a lawmaker with a head for numbers , and an eye for figures - whether tax , budgetary , and or of the female kind.

It has been said that while we can only read the prose in the laws we pass, he sees numbers in them, and imagine them in digits .

While we simply see the provisions , he would see the costs hidden in each section, and then proceed to remind us of their burden to taxpayers.

So whenever the tug of populism tempts us to pass measures without regard of their fiscal cost, he is there to ask us if those who will ultimately foot the bill can afford it.

And this - this ability to give us a reality check before we write a check charged to the people - to me is his value to this institution and the service he renders to the citizenry who sent him here .

And because he believes numbers don't lie, he minces no words in explaining them, and will not consult the political weather bulletin on when to expose them, that he sometimes sail against the wind, driven only by the motto set by his grandfather , who also once sat here, that one must do what is right over what is popular.

My friends :

Having logged 18 years of service in the legislature , two years of hard labor in the Cabinet, in addition to being a provincial consultant, pro bono, the one I am nominating today has certainly paid his dues and earned his right to be promoted for a podium position .

I think it is time for us to ensconce him in the rocking chair up there that we reserve for senior members of this chamber.

Besides, he has 20 years experience of being Number 2, as he reportedly plays second fiddle to his wife in their matriarchal household.

True or not, this man who is married to the Star for All Seasons will remain an all-weather friend to me, and to all of us.

On this note, it is my honor and privilege to nominate Senator Ralph Recto as our President Pro Tempore.

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