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July 30, 2013

Transcript of Ambuh Interview of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile

On BOC issue

SJPE: Alam mo ang katotohanan nun, hindi ko kilala yun eh. Ngayon, somebody approached me if I could help him to get an item, a rank, higher than what he had. I think he was aspiring to be a Collector VI and so I recommended him to be promoted to Collector VI. I did not recommend him for Manila. Then, when his appointment came, it was Malacañang that issued an appointment giving him the rank of Custom's Collector VI Vice Suansing who was retiring from the port of Manila. So, it was, he did not asked for that eh.

Q: Kailan po ito sir? Kailan pa po yun?

SJPE: This was only the time of President Gloria Macapagal. In fact, they were wondering why he became...It was I think an error of the PMS at that time. Because kaka-vacate lang yung port of Manila so they thought that he was being recommended for Manila but, what he was aspiring for was only for a rank of Collector VI. So, then when he was appointed, sabi ko, "Oi, (kako) wag mo kong ipapahiya ha, You must show them that you can increase the collection in the port of Manila." Yun ang ginawa nya, he was the number 1 performer. So, after that they could not take him out of Manila, because yung mga iba, nobody can equal his performance. But, I never called him for any favor or anything. I never interceded for him to anyone.

Q: Eh sir, ngayon kasi, yung present time, meron daw, yung sabi nung dalawang Deputy Commissioners may mga Senators and Congressmen daw.

SJPE: I never called anybody in the Bureau of Customs. You can ask each one of all those people.

Q: Pero Sir, walang pinapangalanan, diba sweeping yun lahat kayo suspect, shouldn't they name names?

SJPE: That is why Commissioner Gatchalian was decent enough to say in his letter of, I think, I do not know to whom he addressed the letter that I've never asked any favor from him which is true. I don't call anybody in the Bureau of Customs.

On US spy drones patrolling the West Philippine Sea

Q: Sir, yung US drones patrolling West Philippine Sea, proper ba yun?


Q: US spy drones patrolling West Philippine Sea is it..

SJPE: Well, the United States is an international power, they can operate anywhere.

Q: Salamat po.

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