Press Release
August 12, 2013

Sen. Nancy files 10 more bills
Calls for amendments to family laws, adoption

Senator Nancy Binay filed filed last week 10 more proposed bills and a resolution pushing for amendments to laws on women's rights and family-oriented laws.

Among the 10 bills filed on Thursday (Aug. 8), six highlighted revisions to current laws on family-oriented programs such as adoption, family relations, child safety and the Family Code.

Two bills focused on women's rights particularly on amending the Revised Penal Code on rape and a bill provisioning for support centers for young women; a bill calling for the standardization of nurses' wages; and a bill creating a regulatory and governing body over the management and maintenance of Philippine pipelines.

"We have a lot of bills promoting the welfare of women, children and the family. However, there are still issues that need to be addressed and these need to be backed by laws. I believe that all these bills that I have filed are provisions that really push for changes that ultimately benefit women and children. Mula pa noong una, ang pagsulong sa kapakanan ng ating kabataan at kababaihan ang aking priority," Binay said.

Under the "Parental Care Leave Act of 2013," Binay called for the provision of leaves with full pay for two working days for every year for employed parents or legal guardians of minor children so they can take care of their children during sickness and other emergencies.

Another family-themed bill under the Family Code that Senator Binay filed is the "Act Ensuring the Fundamental Equality of Men and Women Under the Laws on Marriage and Family Relations." Under the bill, Binay aimed to eliminate partiality in favor of the husband's decision involving property management and administration and the exercise of parental authority.

Senator Binay also authored two bills protecting the rights of children regarding adoption and children born under "broken homes," especially under the Family Code and the Domestic Adoption Act of 1998.

Under "Act Improving the Status of Children Born or Conceived of Marriages Declared Void for Certain Reasons," Senator Binay seeks to push for an amendment of Family Code to improve and expand the retention of the legitimacy status of children born from void marriages. On the other hand, "The Act Improving the Status of Adopted Children," calls for adopted children having full successional rights as legitimate children.

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