Press Release
August 29, 2013

Senate Blue Ribbon Hearing on the PDAF Scam

Definitely, a lot of people are suffering, a lot of people are dying with the lack of funds in hospitals, social services, and the like. So it is very important that we get to the bottom of the truth.

I was really appalled that there is even a discussion whether Ms. Napoles can be a state witness.

I got a copy of the letter of her lawyer in 2009 to the Blue Ribbon Committee... Even in the fertilizer scam, she was already named. As early as 2004-2006, she was already getting funds from the PDAF. Still, she was able to get funds in 2007-2009.

I just like to emphasize that the fact-finding of this committee is so important because the law states that you can only become a state witness if there is absolute necessity for the testimony of the accused whose discharge is requested.

Aside from the whistle-blowers that we all salute, we also salute the President for getting Ms. Napoles to surrender.

It is also very important that we find the whole truth in this committee, in the inter-agency (IAAGCC) or in whatever legal forum that there is so that we will not be forced to excuse people or make them state witnesses just because they are the only ones who have information.

Let us prosecute those who have to be prosecuted and those who have abused the system. Thank you. Chairman, you have my full support in this hearing.

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