Press Release
September 12, 2013

Opening Statement of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano
During the Senate Blue Ribbon Hearing on the PDAF Scam

I'm sure the whole Philippine nation is thankful for the hard work that the DOJ is doing (regarding the case). The whole nation is praying that the whole truth will come out.

To Mr. chairman (Sen. Guingona), before you make a ruling on the request of Sec. De Lima to not name names, I would like to say that I understand that charges will be filed soon. I also understand that we should do nothing that will damage the case or put our witnesses in danger.

But we also know that the earlier that people will know the truth, the safer the witnesses will be. Once the truth would come out, the whistleblowers will be much safer.

Mr. Chairman, before you make a ruling, I also have a plea to Sec. De Lima and to our witnesses. As much as it is possible to not name names, if it has already been reported by the media or included in the COA report, or if it is not possible for us to understand the statements without naming the persons involved, I request that you identify them.

Given the circumstance that we are talking about senators and congressmen to be charged, the public is asking for "cleansing". It is not a simple matter.

I leave it to the discretion of the chair, I will support his ruling. But if it is possible that you identify persons involved, if it has already been reported or if it will not affect the investigation, it might be better (to do so) in the sense that we would be able to know which specific senator/lawmaker/cabinet secretary is involved and it will not lead the public to accuse other innocent officials. Hindi naman siguro gusto ng mga (officials) na hindi malaman kung sino ang mga tinutukoy ng salaysay niyo.

But then again, Sec. De Lima knows better which statements will affect the case or not.

Thank you.

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