Press Release
September 18, 2013


Senator Juan Edgardo "Sonny" Angara has hailed the signing of the Anti-Bullying Bill into law saying, this new piece of legislation is a huge step in protecting our children from the earliest forms of violence.

"I congratulate both houses of Congress and our President for working together in providing the Filipino youth the opportunity for maximum learning in a peaceful and violence-free setting through the passage of this law," said Angara, one of the principal authors of the anti-bullying measure.

The neophyte senator has previously admitted that he has personal reasons for advocating for this measure as his own son was bullied in school.

Under the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 or Republic Act 10627, all elementary and secondary schools are required to adopt policies to prevent and address bullying in their institutions within six months after the law becomes effective.

"The school is our children's second home. I call on school authorities to be proactive and responsive to the law in order to ensure the safety of the students. That is their primary responsibility and promise to parents," said Angara.

The law defines bullying as any severe or repeated use by one or more students of a written, verbal or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at another student that has the effect of actually causing or placing the latter in reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm or damage to his property, creating a hostile environment at school for the other students.

The senator further cited a study by Plan International and Unicef on Violence Against Children in Public Schools in the Philippines in 2009, which revealed that four out of 10 children in Grades 1 to 3, and seven out of 10 in both Grades 4 to 6 and high school have experienced some kind of violence in school.

"Bullying is a symptom of a deeper problem. It should never be tolerated. Through the Anti-Bullying Act, we provide a platform for young victims to speak up and seek help. Quality education and a safe and positive learning environment go hand in hand," Angara said.

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