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September 23, 2013

Transcript of Interview of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile

On SJPE's health condition

SJPE: I've been taking too much water because I was excercising and it turned out my sodium went down without my knowledge. And so, one morning, Saturday morning at one o' clock, my blood pressure shut up to 220/100. I could not explain why. So I called up my doctor in the wee hours of the morning. And he said you better proceed to the emergency room of the Makati Medical Center. So I went. They controlled my blood pressure. They thought I was passing stones because I have a history passing stones. But I said I had no pain. And I could not pass my water. So that aggravated the whole thing.

Q: Kidney stones, sir?

SJPE: Yeah. I have already passed (inaudible) 13 pellets over the years.

Q. How are you discharged?

SJPE: At 2:30 of Wednesday. And you know, to be lying down all this time, my God.

On Atty. Gigi Reyes' statement

Q. Sir, I'm sorry to ask. Sir, would you comment on Atty. Gigi's Reyes' statement na lumabas po kahapon. Betrayal daw po yung naramdaman niya sir. Nilalag niyo na daw siya.

SJPE: I'm not up to betray any of my people. I've never been known for that.

Q: For the past few days, sabi po ni Atty. Enrique dela Cruz na wala raw po kayong alam dun mga NGO transactions ni Gigi Reyes.

SJPE: I will not discuss my case, if you don't mind. I'll face the music in the courtroom.

Q. Sir, magpri-privilege speech po ba kayo?

SJPE: Hindi.

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