Press Release
September 25, 2013

Excerpts of the Interpellation by Sen. Enrile and Sen. Drilon regarding the P50 million additional PDAF after the impeachment trial of former CJ Corona

Enrile: Mentioned was made about the P50 million given to senators who voted for the impeachment of the former CJ of the SC. Mr President, as the head of this institution when the trial happened, I am duty-bound to clarify this point because this might be taken by the public that this was a reward for the members of the Impeachment Court at that time. I would like to ask the gentlemen if there is anybody who solicited additional PDAF just after the impeachment trial was done?

Estrada: Mr. President, I do not have any idea, but as far as I am concerned, I did not ask, did not solicit, did not ask any additional funds from anybody after the conviction of the former Chief Justice. I stand by my decision to convict the CJ based on the evidence presented during the impeachment trial. Nobody influence me in convicting the Chief Justice.

Enrile: Was there anybody who asked you or anyone of us to vote for the impeachment of the chief justice?

Estrada: There was somebody who approached, but did not promise any reward. To be fair and honest about it, there was somebody who approached me I can possibly have...

Enrile: I think it is better to speak out.

Estrada: Mr. President, I would rather keep it to myself. Since I was never swayed and influence by this particular person who called on me. Since I have told you, I based my decision to convict the former CJ based on the evidence presented during the impeachment trial. But in due time, if you really want to know who the person is, who called me, and drove for me, in Malacanang, I will just keep it to myself.

Drilon: But categorically, Senator Estrada, you can state it was not a bribe.

Estrada: It was not a bribe. Never a bribe. Kumbaga, walang suhol.

Enrile: There was not offer of any consideration. It's just an appeal?

Estrada: It was simply an appeal. There was no talk of giving a reward.

Enrile: I just want to clarify this because I want to preserve the integrity of the Senate as an impeachment court.

Estrada: Yes. Rest assured, as I have told you I was never swayed by anybody. Not even Senator Drilon, not even the one close to Malacanang. I was never swayed by my decision.

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