Press Release
September 27, 2013


Senator Juan Edgardo "Sonny" Angara has filed a bill which seeks to institutionalize and increase education, health and housing benefits for military dependents.

"Given the vital role of the military in the protection of our country's sovereignty, the government should ensure the promotion and improvement of the social and economic status of members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and their dependents," Angara said.

Under Senate Bill No. 261 or the Military Dependent's Benefits Act, dependents of military personnel are entitled to educational assistance amounting to P6,000 a year for four to five years for college students; P4,000 a year for two years for vocational students; P3,000 a year for four years for secondary students; and, P2,000 a year for six years for elementary students.

Military dependents are also entitled to free hospitalization, inclusive of professional services, medicines and medical supplies, dispensary or outpatient, ambulance, and free dental services to be provided by AFP health facilities.

Moreover, SB 261 provides that all military personnel and their dependents will be provided with the necessary housing subject to the eligibility and priority system set by the Major Service/Unit Housing Boards of the AFP.

The neophyte senator lamented that since the siege broke out on Sept. 9 in Zamboanga City, three military officers, and 16 soldiers and policemen have already died in various clashes with the Moro National Liberation Front.

"Aside from the modernization of our armed forces, the government should also prioritize providing more benefits for the families and loved ones of our gallant soldiers. It's the least we can do as they put their own lives at stake in their commitment to protect and defend our country's sovereignty and integrity," Angara said.

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