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October 14, 2013

Trancript of Interview of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

FOI is anti-corruption mechanism

We would also probably include in the discussions during the caucus the immediate passage of the FOI bill and on how to come up with a consensus on the abolition of the pork barrel.

Nakikinig tayo sa ating mga mamamayan na may panawagan na hindi lang dapat itago o mapalitan ang pangalan ng pork barrel. Dapat makita ng mga mamamayan na mawala na ito.

As issues concerning the national fund continue to arise, [we have to ask ourselves,] how do we get rid of corruption? By having mechanisms like the FOI. We also have to answer satisfactorily the issues that are coming up. Filed Resolution to Investigate Malampaya fund scam

Meron din akong hinahabol na isang isyu. I filed a resolution over the break to investigate the Malamaya fund scam. That's why I came from the office of Senator (Teofisto) Guingona (III). I talked with him and asked about the condition of the PDAF probe and asked him how many more hearings we would have.

Hiningi ko sa kanya na dinggin at simulan ang hearing sa Malampaya scam para bawat isyu na lumabas ay imbestigahan upang makita ng mamamayan kung sino ang mga nangungurakot at kung saan napupunta ang pondo.

And Senator Guingona has been very supportive. In fact, that's the reason why he wants to subpoena Janet Napoles. He wants all who are involved to face the Senate.

Kung ano man ang sabihin (ni Napoles), tao na ang huhusga.

On the DAP issue : 100% our projects go to the people

Karamihan sa amin nagulat na meron palang DAP. When we request for funds, we are assuming two things: it's either the funds are coming from the PDAF, or they are coming from savings.

Nalaman lang namin ang konsepto at mekanismo ng DAP nung pinahayag na kung saan galing ito.

The Inquirer report which said that six senators received P100 million. What we know is that we were all told that we can request funding worth P100 million - there was no assurance all requests would be approved. The funds were not given to us but to projects in various areas. One hundred percent, our projects go to the people. I'm asking Senator Guingona to methodologically conduct hearings on all issues to avoid speculations and to find out where the money went.

For me right now what is important is to continue the Napoles PDAF hearing, then the Malampaya hearing, then other issues which have complete documents, testimonies from whistleblowers, complete allegations of corruption.

On the P100M DAP Fund : I voluntarily requested COA to open my books

ASC: To my knowledge, remember after the speech of Senator Jinggoy you asked whether I received P50M and I answered that I don't remember the details but I know that there are submissions every time there are budget hearings but it has nothing to do with the legislation and the votes to convict Corona.

I don't know specifically about the report from Inquirer but I will confirm that we have been writing letters because all senators and congressmen have advocacies whether on infrastructure or soft projects. Usually they tell us whether it is P50M or P100M whether soft projects or hard projects - that would depend on the priorities of the government but that is why I wrote COA and I am asking them to audit all the funds that have been approved or allotted through my office from 2010 till now and before 2007 to 2009. This is so that there will be no speculations.

Requesting Funds and Stealing Funds are extremely different

These days when the people find out that we received funding they immediately assume we stole the funds. Requesting for funds and stealing the funds are two different things. That is what we have been telling those who are crying out that the government is being selective in prosecution.

Not all who requested funds or received funds are evil. Is there anything wrong with it if the funds went to good projects? Now the public views the receipt of funds as stealing but to settle the issue rather than people defending themselves, I would rather that COA or the Office of the Ombudsman investigate on the use of these funds and that they release their findings on the issue.

Audit Malampaya Funds, PDAF of VP and other Departments

The COA and the Office of the Ombudsman should be proactive: they should not be selective whether they are scrutinizing funds of the legislative branch or those of the executive. Did they conduct a special audit on the Malampaya fund? Was the funding for the Office of the Vice President audited? How about those of the other departments?

Place assets of Napoles Under Register of Deeds

On Napoles' properties, they should place it under the register of deeds that cases are pending and that these properties should not be transferred. They should act fast to return these properties to the government - not only those owned by Napoles but also those of senators and congressmen who were allegedly given part of the money.

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