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October 17, 2013

Transcript of ambush interview of Sen. Serge Osmeña

On the Blue Ribbon Committee processes re: Napoles subpoena

Q: Kelan balak ipatawag si Napoles?

Serge: Siguro mga next week. Pero hindi pa tayo sigurado sapagka't tinatapos muna ang budget, eh. We have some last minute budget hearings because by the end of next week we want to start working on the committee reports for the budget para in the first week of sessions in November, we can already start with the budget debates.

Q: Paano po ang pag-invite, 'yung pag-papaalam sa court, sino po ang dapat na hihingi n'un?

Serge: Actually, we have to ask the permission of the court because the courts has custody. Magpapadala po kami, ang Blue Ribbon committee at ang Senate President, ng subpoena which will be served by the Sergeant-at-Arms, and he will bring it to the courts.

Q: Addressed to Napoles and the court?

Serge: Hindi ako sigurado dun.

Q: You will try to squeeze it in before the end of the year, provided you are done with the budget?

Serge: Yes, but that's really up to Sen. TG Guingona. The subpoena has to be directed at the person herself, Ms. Napoles kasi under penalty, you have to come and testify. Ngunit go to the court with a letter asking leave of court, permission to get Napoles to come to the Senate.

Q: Letter lang sa court, hindi subpoena?

Serge: No, you don't subpoena the court. You can't tell the court to appear before the Blue Ribbon committee.

Q: Can you assure Napoles' security?

Serge: How does anybody assure? I cannot assure you that when you cross the road you will not be run over by a taxi. Mahirap 'yung word na parating "Can you assure?" I cannot assure anything, but certainly every precaution will be taken. Makikita mo naman 'yung security na pinadala ni DOJ Sec. De Lima for Benhur when he testified here, that was pretty tight.

Q: Aside from security issues, wala naman kayong nakikitang pwedeng dahilan para i-prevent ng court ang pag-appear ni Napoles dito sa Senate?

Serge: I don't think the court has a reason to prevent her from appearing.

Q: Pero possible po na pigilan? Kung pigilan siya, pwedeng hindi pa din siya mag-appear?

Serge: The court has the power over her. As far as my understanding, the court has custody and the court can find a reason, sasabihin nila, for example, there's a danger to her life, but they have to give a good reason. In which case the Blue Ribbon will say, we'll conduct it instead in her quarters.

Q: Gaano ka-vital ang testimony ni Janet Napoles?

Serge: It depends how far and how deeply and how wide she is willing to talk. After all, I really expect her to say "this is now in a court of law, anything I say may and will be used against me, so I invoke my right to remain silent."

Q: Pwede pa rin palang mawalan ng bisa ang subpoena in case the court won't allow Napoles?

Serge: I guess technically the court can disallow, but the court has to find a good reason. Otherwise, we can bring it to a higher court. Ano ba ito, nag-aabuso sa process na ginagawa nilang ito.

Q: That's an option. And another option is, you can hold the hearing in her detention area?

Serge: Yes. We can hold the hearing inside there. Or we can hold a hearing inside Crame, or in a more secured place, kung security ang concern ng court.

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