Press Release
October 21, 2013

Transcript of Press Briefing of Senator Teofisto "TG" Guingona III

STG: Good morning everyone. The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee would like to announce that the Senate President has already signed the subpoena for Janet Lim Napoles and the date is set on November 7,2013, Thursday at 10:00am. We also would like to announce that together with Janet Napoles, there are other people that have been subpoenaed and these are the whistleblowers that have previously attended in the past hearings. On November 7, Thursday, we will have the whistleblowers and Janet Napoles. The whistleblowers: Mr. Benhur Luy, Ms. Gertrudes Luy, Ms. Marina Sula, Ms. Merlina Suña, Mary Arlene Balatazar and Simonette Briones.

Q: Bakit bigyan pa ng subpoena eh pumupunta naman dati iyon?

STG: Umattend sila dahil sa subpoena. Uulitin lang.

Q; Why is it addressed to the courts and bakit po sa November 7 pa?

STG: First, It is not addressed to the courts because under the rules of court which is rule 14, the summons or subpoena shall be . Let me read the provision. "When the defendant is a prisoner confined in a jail or institution, service shall be effected upon him by the officer having the management of such jail or institution." In this case it is the PNP that has management over the jail where Janet Napoles is confined. Secondly, we would like to concentrate our efforts on the relief of the victims of disaster in Bohol and Cebu and even as we speak, kanina we have a budget hearing the citizens of Brgy. Riohondo, Zamboanga City up to now cannot enter their homes. They are not allowed to do so yet because of the situation in Zamboanga. Let us not forget that there are so many calamities that we have to face. We should give priority to these calamities. After that, the barangay elections and November 1 and 2. The week after that, we felt that it would be the most appropriate time.

Q: Kahit addressed sa commander sa PNP sa Sta.Rosa, dadaan pa din kaya sa korte?

STG: Dadaan pa din sa korte kasi magpapaalam sa korte ang PNP. Sila na ang magpapaalam sa Korte.

Q: Paano ang security?

STG: It's a concern but I'm sure the PNP will take all the necessary steps to ensure the security here in the senate and coordinate very well with our own security here in the senate.

Q: May mga lumalabas na baka doon sa Fort Sto. Domingo ang hearing, so we are ruling it out?

STG: Yes, when I heard that, I was consulted several of my colleagues in the senate and lumalabas na we should have Janet Napoles come to the senate.

Q: May plano noon na a day before the hearing, puwede na dito mag-ovenight si Janet Napoles?

STG: It's up to the security people, the PNP and senate security to iron out.

Q: Puwede din ba malipat ang venue?

STG: Well, right now, dito sa Senate. Ayoko naman magsalita ng tapos pero ang preference ay dapat dito sa senado. And I cannot understand why the PNP cannot make the necessary security arrangements so that we have hearings here in the senate.

Q: What if the court disallows?

STG: If the court disallows, they better have a very, very good reason to do so because right now I cannot think of any reason why the court will not allow Janet Napoles to come to the senate.

Q: Just in case, puwede iakyat sa Supreme Court?

STG: Yes of course but really right now, I cannot think of any reason why they will not allow it.

Q: Isang beses lang papapuntahin sa Janet Napoles? Or may possibility na pabalik-balik?

STG: May possibilidad pero I like to think that because of the amount of coordination involve, it might be better just to have her once here. But of course we are not ruling out being called again.

Q: Yung pabalik-balik siguro ay baka laging mag issue ng subpoena.

STG: Panibagong subpoena siguro.

Q: Within today i-serve ang subpoena kay Napoles?

STG: Yes, the Senate Sargent-at-Arms will be the one to serve it. Within the day dapat.

Q: Possible ba mag-file ng petition ang kampo ni Napoles to the court para mapatagal si Napoles?

STG: Anything is possible. Anybody can file anything. It's what you put as your reason is the one that's important. Ano ang rason mo at kapani-paniwala ba? Whether it is justified or not?

Q: Ihaharap nyo rin bas i benhur Luy?

STG: We have issued a subpoena to both: Janet Lim-Napoles and the whistleblowers.

Q: Pano pag di sya nagsalita, pag nag-invoke ng right against self-incrimination?

STG: Right now let's not speculate. Let's wait till she comes. Whatever we say now might be speculative. We will never know kung ano talaga mangyayari hangga't nandun talaga siya, kung magsalita siya o hindi.

Q: Bakit kailangang pagsabayin sila Napoles at yung whistleblowers?

STG: I think it's very convenient so that we can have a system of crosschecks and balances. Whatever is stated may be validated or repudiated by the whistle blowers.

Q: Supportive po ba lahat ng senador sa pag subpoena ke Napoles?

STG: Yes. Wala akong nakuhang resistance.

Q: No violent reactions?

STG: Violent or non-violent reaction, wala.

Q: Bakit natagalan (ang subpoena)

STG: Wednesday ito na-announce. Then Thursday the Senate President left for Korea, so there was no one to sign the subpoena. So today is Monday, the first working day.

Q; Including the minority senators, they were supportive?

STG: I do remember they manifested their support on the floor.

Q: Merong earlier pronouncement si Atty. Kapunan that she will not allow Napoles to come to the senate to testify. Can you still compel her to attend?

STG: The subpoena is a compulsion. You have to follow it.

Q: What if she refuses?

STG: Then the Philippine National Police will bring her here. The subpoena means you come. Ang ibig sabihin ng subpoena "pumunta ka dito."

Q: What if she gets a court order?

STG: Well if she does get a court order then we will read it, but right now that's speculative. What's important, if there is any opposition to the subpoena, what's important is the reason for opposing the appearance of Janet Lim-Napoles here. Dapat kapani-paniwala, it should be very viable.

Q: Can you say all is well that ends well?

STG: Who are you addressing it to, the senate president or me? (laughters) Of course, everything is all right. Everything is smooth. Coordination is fine. In fact, kanina lang naming inakyat ito (subpoena) tapos ngayon nakita ninyo na pirmado na agad.

Q: Can you expect to have Estrada, Enrile and Revilla to attend the hearing?

STG: I think you should address that to them.

Q: Do you have any agreements with other senators na no naming names?

STG: Walang ganun. Walang conditions.

Q: So bare all?

STG: Yes.

Q: May committee report ba na pamasko sa sambayanan ang blue ribbon kaugnay dito?

STG: We still have to assess whether we will end it with Napoles or we will call in some more witness.

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