Press Release
October 29, 2013


Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III, PDP Laban President, today urged the youth to fight corruption and emulate the heroism of the late Sen. Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. as game changers for the good of the country and a brighter future for the generations to come.

Speaking before 53 Muslim, Christian and Lumad youths, attending the "Building a Peaceful Nation Young leaders Camp" at the Philip's Sanctuary Pestaño Training Center, Antipolo City, Province of Rizal last Friday, Pimentel rallied the youth to fight corruption and never give up the crusade for responsible leadership and good governance.

He said that the death of Ninoy Aquino had rekindled the fires of freedom in the hearts and minds of our people as he reminded the youth that "the most terrible effect of Martial Law was the extinction of the freedoms that our people used to enjoy."

Pimentel challenged the youth to safeguard the precious freedoms won back by people from the reign of a deposed strongman, asking them to become "transformers" beginning with themselves along the right path to peace, progress and development.

"If you want good governance, you must learn to govern yourself. To follow what is right. To do what needs to be done for the good our community and country," said Pimentel, adding that their life must be anchored on public service and not in amassing wealth.

He said that government service is not the only way to serve others, but even in private life as teachers, nurses, doctors, accountants, engineers or lawyers by being a good example in terms of dedication to duty, honesty, loyalty to family, and faithful service to God and country.

Pimentel enjoined them to apply the lessons they learned from the four-day, live-in, "Batang Transformers Seminar" to make a difference in the lives of the people, "a difference that will bridge cultural and political boundaries."

He said that the youth can also build alliances to enrich, expand and consolidate the people's dream for a better tomorrow and a safe environment where Muslims, Christians or Lumads could develop their full potentials as human beings.

Pimentel said that there is no need to resort to bloody confrontations to settle disputes, but through dialogs and cooperation and as brothers and sisters by building monuments not of conflict and hate, but of love and social justice and of wisdom and peace.

As harbingers of good things, Pimentel said that the youth could become the future leaders of change and reforms, "the new managers of good governance and economic justice and the next creators of higher standards of our cultural life and political leadership."

The four-day seminar was sponsored by the Pimentel Center for Local Governance, University of Makati, the Philippine Society for Public Administration, and other NGOs.

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