Press Release
November 4, 2013

Cayetano to Corona lawyer :
What apology? Your client is guilty, stop muddling the issue

It has come to my attention that Atty. Judd Roy, former counsel for impeached chief justice Renato Corona, issued a statement indicating that I apologized to him on the DAP issue.

For the record, no apology was made and none is forthcoming. I did not - and will not - apologize to anyone for voting to impeach the former chief justice, whom I believe, as I believed then, is guilty of amassing unexplained wealth.

A few weeks ago, I chanced upon Atty. Roy at the Peninsula while I was out on a date with my wife, Lani. There was an exchange of pleasantries but there was never an apology of any kind. I deplore Atty. Roy's lack of delicadeza and his cynical attempt to twist a simple exchange of pleasantries and use it for his and his client's political gains.

I call on Atty. Roy to refrain from muddling the circumstances surrounding the DAP issue. The Senate at the moment is in RIP mode (reveal, investigate, prosecute) against all kinds of corruption. Let us not blur the lines any further.

Bottom line here is that Corona was found guilty by the Senate impeachment court because of his unexplained/undeclared wealth and he should be prosecuted for such crimes.

Again, there was no apology of any kind and none is due.

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