Press Release
November 5, 2013

"Wala namang lokohan" Cayetano : Napoles' request a delaying tactic

Lokohan. Delaying Tactics Ang Latest request ni Miss Napoles. She has all the resources. She knows the Truth. She has a legal team who had been preparing and studying her defense. Time to answer questions and tell the whole truth.

I call on Miss Napoles to stop employing delaying tactics and to cease from making a fool out of the Filipino people. I encourage her to tell all on November 7 and clear her conscience once and for all.

Let me remind Miss Napoles that the "right to counsel," which she so vigorously invoked in her request, is not absolute under the law and her right to a counsel of her choosing is limited.

I am certain that the government can provide her a competent lawyer to assist her and ensure that her rights are protected during the Blue Ribbon hearing on Nov. 7.

Also, if Miss. Napoles deliberately or capriciously fails to obtain the services of a lawyer, the Senate can still compel her testimony and the hearing will continue, as provided under the rules.

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