Press Release
November 17, 2013


The Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Senator Chiz Escudero, will submit for floor deliberations the proposed P2.3 trillion spending package for 2014 when session resumes on Monday that includes funds for reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas devastated by disasters and calamities.

According to Escudero, he wants to include in the budget proposal specific and a distinct funding for the rehabilitation of the Visayas on top of the existing calamity fund to be sourced from items which can be postponed in the 2014 national budget.

Escudero said the committee report, will among others, propose the creation and establishment of the P20-billion reconstruction and rehabilitation fund for the areas devastated by super typhoon Yolanda, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, typhoon Santi which ravaged Central Luzon, the Zamboanga City siege and typhoon Labuyo which also lashed out Luzon. He said the fund will be broken down per program, activity, department and implementing agency.

"We will take the appropriation from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefit Fund (MPBF) of each department tapped. The primary implementing agencies for these are the DPWH, DSWD, DA, DOTC, National Housing Authority and the local government units concerned," Escudero said.

The report, Escudero said, will include stricter provisions on transparency, accountability and liability on the use of not only the calamity fund proposal but also on all funds appropriated.

"When we buckle down to deliberate on the budget tomorrow we can expect to further improve and fine tune the calamity fund proposal. We have to address both the short-term and long-term needs of the people severely affected and displaced by the successive calamities that hit our country this year," he added.

The 2014 budget proposal also includes funds for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction programs and projects in the amount of P70 billion.

"The risk of climate change reality has already stared us down in our face. It should already be met with decisive action and we hope the proposal stipulated in the budget to address the same will jumpstart the path to mitigating the ill effects of both natural and man-made calamities that hit us year in, year out," Escudero said.

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