Press Release
November 26, 2013

Statement of Senate President Franklin M. Drilon on the latest SWS Survey

I take the result of the latest Social Weather Station survey as an opportunity to hear the people's sentiments and to act accordingly towards improving our performance in the Senate.

We are even more motivated by these numbers to work harder, and to commit ourselves even more in passing legislation that will better serve the interests of the Filipino people.

With the abolition by the Supreme Court of the pork barrel system, we enter a new phase in Philippine politics, from the politics of patronage to the politics of performance and principles, from the politics of accommodation to the politics of accomplishments, and from the politics of favoritism to the politics of fairness.

The Congress has been undergoing a difficult but necessary cleansing process towards the desired reform in our country's political system. The people's vigilance has been instrumental in bringing about positive changes in our government.

Inspired by the people's involvement, we have willingly undertaken actions in the Senate such as the abolition of the pork barrel and the Senate investigation into the pork barrel scam that will make our people realize that this institution is worth their trust.

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