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December 10, 2013

Nancy calls for stricter human rights implementation
Violence against women and children still a top concern

In observance of the International Human Rights Day, Senator Nancy Binay stressed the need for the government to be more proactive in enforcing the laws advocating human rights.

"I believe that we have a very detailed and comprehensive Human Rights Charter and I agree with CHR Chair Etta Rosales in her stand that what we need now is a more driven and focused approach to curb human rights violations," Binay said.

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) earlier today reported the status of human rights violations and disclosed that these were less compared to the past years. However, CHR Chair Loretta Rosales emphasized that there may be fewer reported cases but less of these are being resolved.

The lady senator added that the government can achieve this by being stricter in the implementation of the human rights charter. "What we need is a collective action on this. We can achieve this if we will be more assertive in the prosecution of violators, be more vigilant in disseminating awareness to all and rally the full cooperation of all government agencies to advance the right of every Filipino," Binay added.

According to the CHR Ulat sa Bayan today, there have been 296 reported human rights cases involving children from January to September this year. Most of these cases involved minors in detention facilities and cases wherein victims were raped by close relatives.

The report also detailed that 259 reported cases were against women and that about 2/3 of these were from Mindanao.

"These CHR reports reflect the advocacy of our government to fight violations for our rights. It is good to know that these are less reported cases, meaning we may be successful in preventing its promulgation but it can also mean that there may be cases that are unreported and overlooked. To be sure, we have to be more assertive in the enforcement of our laws and remain forever vigilant in protecting the rights of our countrymen," Binay concluded.

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