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December 12, 2013

Transcript of Interview of Senator TG Guingona

STG: Yung Napoles hearing will be resuming next year on some hearings on policy and then most likely we will be continuing with the Napoles into the Malampaya hearing.

Q: Itutuloy ba ang pagpapatawag sa asawa ni Napoles?

STG: We are still consulting with other senators on that matter.

Q: Mga staff ng ibang senador?

STG: We are still consulting on that.

Q: Tungkol sa suggestion ni Sen. Chiz na ifocus sa remaining NGO's

STG: Puwede iyon after the Malampaya.

Q: Kung policy, sinu-sino yung mga affected?

STG: Yung mga like for example , registration of NGO's. We would look on SEC, Cooperative Development Authority and the other entities registered NGO's . The other will be ano ang papalit sa PDAF like yung BUB and the possibly institutionalization of calamity (fund).

Q: Meron ba kayong nakikitang dapat (inaudible) sa hearing na di dapat gamitin ng senador para (inaudible ) para sa kapwa senador?

STG: We have to be factual. What is important is that we are all factual whatever we say.

Q: Will you remind them na dapat factual lang? STG: Yes, dapat factual lang.

Q: On sex for flight hearing. May committee report na ba?

STG: No, we are still on hold because we are waiting for certain developments .

Q: (inaudible)

STG: Actually, yes. That was overtaken by the Napoles investigation. In the last hearing there was a motion to call, I can't remember the name of the ASec. There was an ASec. Which was requested to appear.

Q: Bago simulan ang Malampaya , maglalabas ba kayo ng committee report on PDAF?

STG: Tuloy-tuloy iyon. Konektado naman sapagkat nababanggit din si Napoles sa Malampaya.

Q: No need to call Napoles? STG: We will see.

Q: Reason ng bangayan nila Roxas at Romualdez.

STG: Hindi ko pa nakita yung video so I will not like to comment on that.

Q: Pero dapat ba hingan muna ng letter?

STG: Pero whatever it is, I think yung video kailangan muna mapanood ang buong video . it should be taken into that context. With that, I wouldn't like to comment kasi di ko pa nakita ang video.

Q: Kailangan pa po ba ng approval bago...

A: I will check into that. I don't know the answer to that.

Q: Do you agree with the convening of the ethics committee just to tackle the complaint of senator Santiago?

A: No it should be convened. Because that's a regular committee of the senate. That should be convened.

Q: Sir pag inoffer sayo ang chairmanship ng committee tatanggapin mo?

A: Me blue ribbon na tayo e (laughs). Dapat sa iba na.

Q: Junior Senator daw dapat. Neophyte.

A: Anybody will do actually. It's really up to the senate as a body to decide on who should take over.

Q: Kung kayo tatanungin pwede ba yung mga baguhan?

A: bakit hindi.

Q: Until when dapat na malagyan ng committee chairman yung ethics?

A: By next year dapat ma-organize na iyan.

Q: You won't see it as being divisive yung ethics committee lt looking into the complaint of sen Santiago?

A: The ethics committee is there for that reason, for complaints against peers, so it has to be organized and it has to hear whatever complaints there are from whatever party.

Q: Sir si Sen Sotto daw gusto maging chairman.

A: The one that would decide would be the senate as a body... Sino yung members, sino ang chairman...

Q: So pwedeng hindi galling sa majority?

A: I would not like to... like I said siguro yung senate talaga ang dapat mag-decide.

Q: Do you agree with the contention of senator enrile that senator Miriam went overboard during the questioning in the blue ribbon?

A: well that's very subjective and each senator has their own opinion.

Q; sa assessment nyo sir, do you think she went overboard?

A: Well it served the purpose lalo na in asking Napoles to come out with the truth. Although she was not successful, it served the purpose.

Q: sa Malampaya ano naman ang objectives?

A: The same goals again, but sa malampaya kasi, the way I see it, is more on local governments and the use of the funds of the DAR.

Q: Sir sa electricity hike, sinabi ni senator escudero na it could be raised through the TRO, pwede daw mapigil ang meralco, what's your comment on that?

A: Andiyan na iyan sa ERC, and that's what the ERC is there for. Dapat dun iyan i-address sa Energy Regulatory Commission.

Q: Not to the Supreme court anymore?

A: I don't think there's a need.

Q: (.....) the most noisy..

A: All Senators naman have opinions on various issues and their all entitled to that. Each senator has spoken on various issues. Each senator has the right, and anyone under a democratic country has the right to speak.


A: I'd rather have the authorities in charge of her decide on that matter.

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