Press Release
December 23, 2013

Sen. Nancy Binay's Christmas message

It is uplifting to find God in the midst of troubles, pains and sufferings.

Despite the many trials, it is heartwarming to know that there are friends and good Samaritans who are willing and ready to lend a hand, a shoulder, a back whenever needed.

Our society was tested this year but I still believe in the Filipino's resilience, bending like the bamboo in the face of strong winds but never breaking.

Our family as well had to brave some storms but all these shall come to pass as we find hope and joy this Christmas and the year ahead.

As the star of Bethlehem led the three wise men to the infant Jesus, let us be the beacons of hope and pillars of strength to our countrymen, as we rebuild and rehabilitate our damaged structures ... heal the pain in our hearts, and move on with our lives.

I know, deep in my heart, that we, as a people, will rise again ... stronger, more persevering and more united as a nation in the coming years.

A merry and meaningful Christmas to us all Filipinos everywhere in the Philippines and around the world!

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