Press Release
March 28, 2014

Statement of Senator Nancy Binay on the
celebration of Women with Disabilities Day

In Philippine society, women with disabilities form a subsector that is rarely acknowledged and appreciated. Women in this particular segment suffer discrimination, violence and negligence because of their sex and their special condition.

In the study conducted in 2010 by the National Statistics Office, in a population of 1,000 Filipinos, 16 are people with disabilities (PWDs) or 1.57 percent. Of this demographic, 49.1 percent are women.

The census also reflected that there are more women with disabilities for the age group of 65 and over. The study surmised that this is because women have a higher survival rate.

Because of this, women with disabilities are most likely to experience more hardship. They are more likely to be isolated or left alone to fend off for themselves.

In the commemoration of the Women with Disabilities Day, let us continue to empower women PWDs by protecting them against all forms of violence and discrimination and by providing them access to proper health care and all available avenues for personal development.

In spite of the presence of current legislature to recognize, protect and provide equal rights for women with disabilities like the Magna Carta for Women (Republic Act No. 9710) and Magna Carta for the Disabled Person (Republic Act No. 7277), much work is still needed to promote the rights of the differently-abled Filipina.

Most of the bills I have filed for legislation are predominantly for women, a number of these specially cater for PWDs. I filed Senate Bill No. 2008 or Tax Relief for Disabled Persons Act of 2013 which supports RA 7277 by providing financial assistance to PWDs through our tax system. Another is the Senate Bill No. 82 or Special Education Act of 2013 which institutionalizes a relevant educational system for children and youth with special needs.

As we pave the future for women with disabilities, let us always bear in mind that all of us are created equal. Everyone, including women with disabilities, has the right to live a happy and fruitful life.

Mabuhay ang ating kababaihan!

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