Press Release
May 11, 2014

Press Statement on Alleged Napoles List Inclusion

"Any list which includes my name as a 'Napoles collaborator' is a bogus list meant to muddle the present controversy.

There were attempts by Napoles to befriend me. I acted civilly towards her but said 'NO' when PDAF matters were raised.

The syndicate even had to forge my signature in a letter dated Oct. 29, 2012 addressed to the Department of Agriculture in an attempt to forcibly associate me with their illegal activities, apparently not being able to take 'NO' for an answer.

I am set to criminally charge those I suspect to be responsible for this forgery.

Official records will show that not a single centavo of my identified PDAF projects has been endorsed for implementation to any Napoles-controlled NGO. In fact, I have never endorsed any of my PDAF projects for implementation by any NGO, whether Napoles-controlled or not."

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