Press Release
May 13, 2014

Sen. Grace Poe's statement at the Senate hearing
of the committee on electoral reforms

Sen. Grace Poe wants to ensure integrity of proposed online registration and voting

I think that as early as now, we should already start a partnership with the DFA for the training and accreditation process (of election volunteers and watchers). Kasi hindi naman pwedeng, sinong available pag elections, like two weeks before, bantayan mo. Hindi pwede. There should be a system, and they should go through one or two weekends of seminar so they will have a sense of pride in their responsibility.

I think that we should also make sure there won't be some manipulation within the embassy to choose friends (as election volunteers), you know, parang, ito malapit ito. That's why the promotion of the accreditation to be a volunteer or watcher in the embassy should also be promoted and advertised in free sites. We should utilize that. I think that's a good idea.

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