Press Release
May 28, 2014


STG: good afternoon. This afternoon the National Bureau of Investigation headed by director virgilio Mendez has complied with the subpoena for the production of the contents of the hard disk of the whistleblower benhur luy. We have it here in front of us. If you can see it is sealed and it has a signature by special investigator joel narciso. We will reproduce this for the senators so that they will have a copy. Right now we will open the seal and have the chief of the cybercrime division of the NBI, Ronald aguto open the disk in front of everyone so that it can be viewed.


STG: yung disk kasi encrypted kaya kailangan daw ng instructions para sa pagbukas, to make sure that it cannot be altered. The whole contents are here on this cd.

Q: pwede malaman kung ilang pages/

STG: A pag hard copies? I have no idea. All I know is that if printed, it will fill a whole room.

Q: I-review nyo lahat yan bago magsagawa ng next hearing?

STG: yes because we're in the process of collecting data, whatever is out there. Then we will collate it, evaluate it, analyze it. Then after that, we will consult with the members of the committee for there ideas as to how to go about this, and then we will call the hearing.

Q: sir me panawagan si sen jinggoy pati yung hawak ng inquirer ipa-subpoena din daw para mapagkumpara...

STG: pwede rin, pero andito na yung official e. I don't think there's a need to compare. Pero pwede rin, bakit hindi.

Q: Sir ito ba yung ginamit na evidence dun sa pag-file ng cases...

STG: I cannot answer that. I don't have any knowledge as to whether this was used or not.

(To dir mendez) Q: Sir is this the same files na submitted sa ombudsman?

Dir Mendez: I have no idea whether this was the same, but the hardcopy that was produced out of the hard drive were already submitted to the office of the ombudsman in compliance to the subpoena given to us since February.

Q: Wala pong danger kung isapubliko yung laman?

Mendez: We have some requests addressed to the chairman of the blue ribbon. We have not received any instruction from the ombudsman especially that she is not around. All these are up to the discretion of the chairman.

Q: You're request is?

Mendez: We informed the office of the ombudsman that we were also required by the chairman of the senate blue ribbon committee to submit the harddisk.

Q: wala po kayong request na huwag ipakita sa publiko?

Mendez: It's up to the chairman.

Q: Ilang pages sir pag na print?

Mendez: The copies that we have submitted to the ombudsman is more or less 31,700 pages.

STG: I don't think there will be any compromises here because all of this lumabas na sa inquirer. Now if there will be any deviations between what is officially submitted and what is there inside the inquirer, then this one stands because this is the official, officially submitted to us. Now in the spirit of transparency again, in the spirit of openness so that the interest of the public may be served, we are going to divulge the contents of this, first to our fellow senators, then to the public via the media.

Q: SO next week pwede na ma-open yung investigation?

STG: Again what we have to do is collect, collate, analyze, evaluate all the data that is coming in. So it might be premature to even give a date as to when there will be a hearing because as stated by director mendez, if you were to print this disk into hard copies you will get 31,000 pages. So that's just to print. You have to read it, you have to analyze it, you have to collate it, you have to evaluate it, you've got to corroborate it. So that just gives you an idea as to the task ahead.

Q: Me sinasabi po si atty baligod na redbook? Ipapa-subpoena nyo rin ba yun?

STG: We have to verify. We just heard about that today. We'll verify its existence. Of course we will subpoena it if it exists.

STG: Part of the content of the harddrive is the forensic report of the NBI.

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