Press Release
June 9, 2014

Statement of Sen. Vicente C. Sotto III re: scourge of illegal drugs

I would like to commend Justice Secretary Leila de Lima for her immediate action of relieving the 12 prison guards who were found responsible for the New Bilibid Prison irregularity that involved big-time drug dealers. Her quick action on the incident should serve as example for all public officials and public servants to emulate.

If all government officials will be as resolute and decisive as Secretary De Lima, then there is no need for the Senate to conduct inquiries or investigations. It is all a matter of implementing the rules, regulations and the law, with upholding public interest as the overriding principle.

As it is, our law enforcers are having a hard time monitoring, executing arrests, building up tight cases and putting to jail these criminal elements of society. Sometimes, they even put their life on the line to protect our citizens from these criminals. Yet, these plagues in our society are given special treatment by erring prison guards, most likely in exchange for financial considerations. These illegal drug dealers are the worst cancer in our society, for they not only destroy lives but also families, communities and the entire nation as well. Thus anyone who abets, helps, and gives preferential treatment to these drug dealers should suffer the consequences.

As a long-time advocate against illegal drugs, I wholeheartedly support Secretary De Lima's move to relieve these 12 prison guards. The public should remain vigilant.

With all these, she has my vote in the Commission on Appointments.

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