Press Release
July 1, 2014

Senator Ralph Recto's statement on DAP's "Unconstitutional" ruling

Government must abide by the decision so henceforth all expenditures must comply with the doctrines set forth by this ruling.

Prospectively, the proposed 2015 national budget, specifically its provisions, should become DAP decision-compliant.

I have yet to read the decision but I am sure that it will rewrite the program on how appropriations are utilized.

To the credit of this administration, it is no longer doing any and all acts the Supreme Court has struck down as unconstitutional.

These practices have long been abandoned. These violations are not in progress but have long been unilaterally terminated by the government.

There could have been an oversight in the way the funds were released but I am sure that by and large they were properly spent.

Remember that there is no allegation that they were stolen. The debate was on the process followed. The discussion centered on the means rather than the end.

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