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July 30, 2014

Transcript of interview with Sen. Cynthia Villar, today, July 30, 2014

Q-- Open Congress, may pending impeachment cases vs. The President. May stand po ba ang NP?

Villar: Tingin naman namin political iyon, So it's a political decision. So syempre, if madami nasa majority it will not prosper.

Q--Susuportahan nInyo ang impeachment?

Villar: I don't think the NP will support.

Q--Ilan members NP House?

Villar: 25.

Q: So wala official stand?

Villar: Wala naman.

Q: Agreement?

Villar: Wala pa silang pinag-uusapan pero we're part of the coalition.

Q: So ang advice ng leadership is not to support it?

Villar: Hindi pa sila nag-uusapan but I would think that iyon ang stand nila. Hindi ko pa alam kasi because even the one who filed said it would be very difficult.

Q: Why not support?

Villar: I think naman as I have always said, I'm a business administration major so I can understand the explanation that if you want to raise GNP, you have to encourage public spending. Siguro iyon ang reason for the DAP to encourage economic activities through increase in public spending. Of course the legality is a different matter, I'm not a lawyer. So I don't comment on that, the legality. I just comment on the economic explanation of DAP.

Q: Iyong Makabayan makikipag-meeting sa iba-ibang parties sa House, willing po ba kayong makipag-usap sa kanila?

Villar: We've always been in touch with them and I think everyone is entitled to its own opinion. Expected naman sa Makabayan to really have a hard stance. We will see.

Q: May filed resolution si Sen. Sotto and Sen. Honasan on the continued detention of Enrile, Revilla and Estrada, para raw they can continue their job as senator?

Villar: Ako naman, I'm always supportive of my colleagues in the Senate. Tayo naman ay nakikisama naman sa mga kapwa natin senador. No problem with me.

Q: May kontra SONA po kayo?

Villar: No, it's the minority that will hold a kontra SONA.

Q: Do you think the resolution will not be an interference to the judicial process?

Villar: Wala naman, support for our colleagues in the Senate. Di naman pinangungunahan ang legal kasi in the end, court will decide.

Q: Is NP inclined to support to adopt it?

Villar: It's the court who will decide. Parang resolution of support. In the end, it's a legal question kung saan ipakukulong. Kasi usually kami sa Senate, expected to be kind to our fellow senators. Whether Sandigan Bayan will listen to us, it's another story. Ako, personally it's not a party stand.

Q: Malacanang asking for Suplemental budget?

Villar: Ok iyon.

Q: Bakit di isabay? This is supplemental budget for 2014. Iyong budget ipa-pa2s 2015. We still have six months of 2014, siguro may mga savings. Gusto nila instead mag-DAP, mag-supplemental budget kasi bawal na nga.

Q: Pope visit to the PH in 2015?

Villar: We're happy. We're very happy. We're looking forward to that and I think Eastern Visayas is preparing for that.

Q: Expectations?

Villar: Syempre if you go here, attention ng buong mundo malalagay sa atin. Mas maraming tutulong. Mas maraming magus-support. It's always for good. It's good for us.

Q: NP is still coalesced with LP, can the President rely on your support when it comes to the impeachment case?

Villar: Yes, I think so, he will rely on us. Unless magbago NP. Of course, every person kahit you belong to a party, may personal decision ka. Ina-allow to make your own personal decision. But as a whole, they will support the President. But if we have members who feel strongly about certain issues, we allow them to exercise their own prerogative. Maski naka coalesce may isa o dalawa , if they feel strongly on certain issues, we allow it.

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