Press Release
September 17, 2014

Sen. Pia to DMCI: Don't insult our intelligence

Reaction to DMCI's claim that the 'Pambansang Photobomber' pictures were Photoshopped for propaganda

"It is unfortunate that instead of answering the issues head on, DMCI has chosen to trivialize mounting public protests against Torre de Manila by claiming that all photographs showing its condo tower photobombing the Rizal Monument were manipulated or merely Photoshopped.

"DMCI also thinks that the 49-storey tower it is constructing behind the shrine of our national hero can simply be obscured or hidden with the 'right' camera angle when shooting photos. It now wants all Filipinos, foreign tourists, dignitaries and practically coming generations from here on to adopt its preferred 'view' of the Rizal Monument, which until late last year, has stood there, proud and unchallenged for 100 years. How convenient!

"DMCI's attitude towards this issue insults the intelligence of any self-respecting Filipino. It questions the reputation of professional photographers and media establishments that have posted photos and aired video footages of their photobombing tower. It also undermines the integrity of our Senate inquiry which is precisely looking into this matter. DMCI apparently thinks the issue over Torre de Manila is just a figment of our collective imagination and can be solved cosmetically.

"Instead of accusing patriotic Filipinos of photoshopping their photos at the Rizal shrine, which I assume includes me, and the shots we took during our (August 27) official ocular inspection, DMCI will be well advised to instead focus on showing the public what it intends to do, if anything can be done, to address or mitigate the monstrosity it has created.

"Moreover at the next hearing, I will call on DMCI to explain if I am one of those being alluded to when it referred to those who Photoshopped the Torre for 'propaganda' and to join us for an ocular inspection, so they can demonstrate to me exactly what positions tourists and dignitaries should now take just to ensure them the Torre is not a photobomber. Because clearly, the way DMCI sees it, it is we the public who must adjust for them on how to view and appreciate our national hero's shrine."

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