Press Release
September 23, 2014

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On giving President Aquino additional powers

SPFMD: I have not received any, I do not know if it was sent directly to Senator Osmeña, but I have informed the Palace that we cannot pass it by the end of September as they have requested. Given the fact that this will cover appropriation of about P6 billion, hindi po pwedeng bilisan ito at P6 billion ang hinihinging appropriation, kaya hindi po namin matalakay itong Setyembre. Pagbalik sa Oktubre, yan po ay aming titingnan ngunit si Senator Osmeña, pagkaalam ko, may naka-set na mga hearings.

What I believe should happen is that we recognize the need for additional authority to acquire additional capacity, but we should do this as the last resort, we must first examine other options which will address the problem, if it can be done, without the need for additional capacity being acquired. Example, there is one plant, the Ilijan power plant, which is generating less than its full capacity, only half of its capacity, and number two, the Malaya plant. We should look at what is wrong with it and if it can be rehabilitated, because according to PSALM during the budget hearings, they would want to determine if what is needed is overhaul of the machine, which will only cost P90 million. These things we must examine. They should give us a report as to why this is not possible; these other options are not possible.

Q: Is reviving the BNPP part of the options?

SPFMD: Hindi kasama.

Q: Kung makarating po yung draft, is it possible na magkaroon ng hearing before the break?

SPFMD: Yes, hearings over the break are allowed over existing resolutions.

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