Press Release
November 7, 2014

Statement of Senator Nancy Binay on the anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda

Our strength as a nation continues to be challenged by tragedies a year after typhoon Yolanda struck Central Visayas with many of the victims are still without homes, sufficient food and medical services.

Typhoon Yolanda left suffering and destruction in its wake but it also mobilized many of our countrymen to show compassion on those who are in need of help.

A year after the tragedy, I am hopeful that we can stay united in extending help to those in need because up to now there are typhoon survivors in need of assistance.

Let us not forget them like some of us may have done to the victims of past calamities.

I hope that today, the first anniversary of typhoon Yolanda, we remember not only its victims but also those who have suffered from past tragedies.

Let us all pray to the Lord that they be given the strength to overcome the challenges that they are facing.

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